App Packaging for Children’s Publishers

Playcreate Media specialises in the development of high-quality digital applications for children with a particular emphasis on story-telling, education and creativity.

We plan, design, develop and deliver co-edition and bespoke apps for publishers and brands globally.

Why Playcreate Media?

Why do book publishers need apps? Apps are an excellent marketing tool that enable publishers to maintain the profile and sales of key books, brands and characters in the run up to, during, and after publication or launch dates. Apps also provide an additional revenue stream from intellectual property that has already been created and paid for.

Is it expensive to create apps? It doesn’t have to be! Playcreate Media uses app frameworks, that we have developed, in order that our clients can pick an app type (Interactive, Story-telling or Play and Learn) and business model to suit a fixed-price budget. Prices start from as little as $1,500, so there is no reason why any small publisher or even self-publisher, can’t invest in a high-quality app to market their physical books.

Do Playcreate Media take care of everything? Yes! Playcreate Media manages all aspects of app development, from the initial concept right through to delivery.

Drawing on our parent company’s extensive experience of creating great children’s books, our apps are developed with input from a large design and editorial team. We plan, design, storyboard, animate, narrate, edit and code our client’s apps, and can upload it to any store of their choice. For app co-editions, we also offer a full translation service.

Playcreate Media offers a true turnkey solution for out-of-house app development, and we keep our clients involved in the creation process every step of the way.

Which platforms do you create apps for? Playcreate Media apps work on all major iOS and Android devices.

Why choose Playcreate Media? Playcreate Media has the publishing experience and the digital expertise to fulfil the app requirements of your business and has a proven track record of developing award-winning apps at a very reasonable cost.

Recent Awards

  • Winner of The Frankfurt Book Fair Digital Marketing Award 2012
  • Finalist Appsters Awards 2012
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A choice of 3 different types of app:

A choice of 2 different business models:

  • Build

    Bespoke app design to customer requirements.

  • Co-Edition

    Pre-designed playcreate app, ready for translation and launch.

Contact Us

For more information please contact:
Andrew Moore
tel: +44 (0)1394 386651


‘It's easy to understand why it has just been shortlisted for the 'Best entertainment app' award at the Appsters.’ Family Tech Blog
‘App of the Day’ Guardian Apps Blog
‘Both apps look good, and we’re impressed by the inclusion of a digital reward chart, which can be used to set a goal for children to earn stars within the app to get a real-world reward, like a trip to the park.’ Apps Playground.
‘Another beautiful publication from Top That Publishing. It is a humorous, interactive storybook app perfect for children and is full of fantastical nonsense.’ This Day I Love … Blog
‘Exactly the sort of app that other publishers and developers need to take a long hard look at before they leap into the foray of producing educational and engaging apps for kids.’ Read It Daddy Blog
‘The Froobles App is recommended as App of the Week.’ Birmingham Grid for Learning
‘This app is much more than just a story book. You can watch an animated version of the story, you also get an ebook version of the story which is perfect for quiet bed time story time. There is also the chance to create your own scenes using the drawing pad and also various word an picture games.’ One Dad Three Girls
‘Aly loves playing this app and you really get your money’s worth with the add on books.’ One Dad Three Girls
‘Hours of fun!’ New Mummy’s Tips
‘With interactive stories and puzzles, this app is a great treat for your Reception aged children addressing issues which they may come across on a daily basis, and can teach them the nice way to behave to gain and keep friends.’ The Boy and Me Blog
‘We think this app is brilliant, like everything we have seen from Top That Publishing, it’s designed with a child’s imagination and love for learning in mind. It encourages imagination and brings reading to another level.’ White Lily Green Blog
‘Overall, this is a very nice interactive application. You are not just getting an e-book you are getting a cartoon, colouring book and pre-school games. It is well worth the download! 80%.’ Internet Gumshoe

About Us

Playcreate Media is the digital development business of Top That Publishing and is part of the Tide Mill Media group. We specialise in the development of applications for children with a particular emphasis on education and creativity. Our app development and digital project management expertise lend themselves particularly well to the conversion of children’s picture book content, turning them into unique, engaging and interactive experiences.

We are a B2B service provider offering our digital creative and packaging experience out to, amongst others, the children’s publishing sector.